Local validation of translated text

To handle validation from different local offices around the globe and ensure that all languages are updated can be enormously time-consuming – let us do the job instead.

What does validation mean?

Validation entails that you do not need to handle the contact with your local offices, we do. Our project managers make sure that the translation is sent to your selected validators for the relevant languages, that the translated text is updated according to your directions and that you need only worry about receiving the final, finished text. 

You can also rest assured that your translation memories are updated with the latest changes before your next assignments.

Benefits of validation

Local feedback incorporated
The translations are updated according to comments and amendments from your local offices.

Your local offices around the world can contribute and influence the documentation directed to their specific market.

Time saving
No need to set aside time to coordinate proposed changes from various offices.

Updated translation memories
Any changes are entered in the translation memory for each language, ensuring that it is up to date prior to the next assignment.

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