Semantix AutoConnect for the translation of PIM texts

Semantix AutoConnect for inRiver PIM helps you quickly launch new products in new languages ​​without having to copy/paste or manually export product texts. AutoConnect is fully integrated with inRiver PIM, and allows you to specify what needs translating with the click of a button - Semantix AutoConnect handles the rest.

What is PIM?

A lot of companies currently lack an efficient process for managing their product information, which results in duplicate records, inconsistencies and inadequate quality assurance.

With a PIM (product information management) system, these processes are centralised, thereby ensuring that all employees who work with product information are using the same material. Integration with new sales channels, such as e-commerce, won’t be as costly as the information is not spread out across several different systems.

Examples of sales channels: e-commerce, product catalogues, newsletters, campaign mailshots, announcement emails, etc. 

What is inRiver?

A Swedish company, inRiver is the market leader in Scandinavia for PIM systems. Their system is called inRiver PIM.

What is AutoConnect?

AutoConnect is the collective name for Semantix’s comprehensive range of "connectors", i.e. automated translation tools that link together things like a client’s CMS and PIM systems with Semantix’s API.

What is AutoConnect - inRiver?

AutoConnect - inRiver is a software extension (add-on) for inRiver PIM that enables clients to use automated translation processes for things like exporting material for translation/importing translated material.

Does AutoConnect for inRiver PIM replace Semantix’s Add-on for translation in Episerver?

No, Episerver is a web content management system (WCMS) and inRiver PIM is a product information management (PIM) system that can be used as a data source for Episerver.

Depending on your company’s setup and needs, both services might be of interest. 

What are the benefits of Semantix AutoConnect for people like me who work with PIM systems?

AutoConnect enables you to launch new products faster and on every market simultaneously, as you can translate and publish product texts in multiple languages ​​at the same time. With AutoConnect you don’t have to copy/paste or manually export product texts for translation.

How much time can I save by using Semantix AutoConnect?

You will save all of that time you and your colleagues used to spend on administering translations.

Can you add more languages to the system ​​at the same time using Semantix AutoConnect?

If you are launching one or more products in multiple countries, you can use Semantix AutoConnect to automatically translate your texts into the languages that your target audiences speak. Resulting in a synchronised launch in all languages across all countries. Did you know that your business will increase by 25% if communication is in the target group's own language?

Can I get a demo of AutoConnect?

Yes, schedule an appointment for an online seminar or meeting with your contact at Semantix.

Can I monitor how the work is progressing in Semantix AutoConnect?

Yes, you are in complete control of all ongoing and completed translation projects.

Can I contact the translator directly via Semantix AutoConnect?

Yes, to the extent that you can convey feedback to a translator for a completed translation.

How do I order Semantix AutoConnect?

Talk to your contact at Semantix or send an email to

What sort of subscriptions are there?

We offer two subscriptions: either a 12-month subscription with quarterly invoicing, or full payment in advance, where we offer a one month discount.

Does that include translation too?

No, the translation costs are paid for separately as per your contract with Semantix.

How do I install AutoConnect?

You can install AutoConnect inRiver PIM yourself, i.e. using you company’s internal IT resources, or use an inRiver “Solution Partner” (visit for more information). It is up to you to appoint your company’s Solution Partner for help with the installation.

How long does it take to install it?

We were given an approximate time of 6-8 hours by one of the inRiver Solution Partners, but it will of course depend on your setup.

Which version of inRiver PIM supports Semantix AutoConnect?

Semantix AutoConnect - inRiver PIM has been designed for inRiver PIM 6.3. If you have a more recent version and are interested Semantix AutoConnect, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Semantix.

Does Semantix AutoConnect work both with the software (rich client/desktop) version and the online version?

Semantix AutoConnect - inRiver has been developed for the online version.

Are updates included?

Semantix makes sure that AutoConnect - inRiver is kept up to date and is always compatible with inRiver updates within the full version of inRiver PIM that the client had at the time they installed AutoConnect - inRiver.