Technology Services

Below you can get an overview of all available technology services. We continuously develop technical solutions in order for us to facilitate business for our customers even further. For more information, or if there is any information that you think is missing, you can always send us an email.

Semantix Machine Translation Usage

Machine Translation Usage

Pure, unaided machine translation – when human intervention is not required.

Machine-based translation makes it easy and convenient to translate large amounts of general text within a very short amount of time.

Machine Translation Post-editing

Machine translation with a human touch.

Machine translation post-editing is ideal for large volumes of text, tender documentation, internal documentation, manuals, etc., when speed and price are your highest priority. Adding a human element to the translation process increases the accuracy of a machine-only translation.


Semantix Machine Translation Post-Editing

Semantix Machine-Translation

Semantix Secure Machine Translation (SSMT)

The Semantix Secure Machine Translation portal lets you quickly translate confidential information. You can even translate entire documents while maintaining the layout of the original text.

SSMT ensure that your data is fully encrypted at every stage of the translation process, and that no files or texts are saved at any stage.

SSMT can also be combined with Machine Translation Engine Training (see below) to maximise the quality of your confidential translations.


Machine Translation Engine Training

To maximise the quality of your translations, we can create a custom machine translation engine that has been ‘trained’ using your company content and other material relating to your industry.

With a specially-trained engine, you can rest assured that every translation has the right terminology and is formulated more authentically than with a standard machine translation. The benefit of training an MT engine is that, as more content is fed into the engine, your translations will improve over time.


Engine training

Managed Services TMS

Managed Services TMS

If you don’t have the resources to manage your translation process or your translation management system (TMS), we can take care of it so you can concentrate on doing what you’re best at.

We manage everything from creating accounts and configuring workflows, to keeping track of your translations, translation memories, providing support and carrying out any other translation-related activities for you.


Memsource Cloud

If you have a Localisation Manager and are looking for an easy-to-use, industry-standard translation management system (TMS), we have the perfect solution for you.

Memsource Cloud from Memsource lets you easily order translations from Semantix using an intuitive web-based interface. We help you with everything you need to get started, so you can start creating projects and managing your translations quickly.


Memsource Cloud

Semantix AutoConnect

Semantix AutoConnect solutions

AutoConnect is a connector plugin for your CMS or PIM system. Using automated workflows, you can send, receive and publish translations directly within your system. No need for manual copying and pasting, just more time to spend being more productive.

AutoConnect connectors are available for Episerver, inRiver, WordPress and Paligo, with more to follow.

Semantix Custom Connector

If we don’t have a connector for your system, we can develop one for you. Working with best-in-class, certified developers, we can create a custom connector that will automate your translation process, reducing time to market and removing human error resulting from manual processes.

Semantix Custom Connector



Ensure correct and consistent use of your organisation’s multilingual content across all stakeholders – inside and outside your organisation. The idea is to get correct, approved multilingual content to where it is needed – all from a single place!

The multilingual assets can be created in Copernicus or replicated as a copy (via the Copernicus API) from other systems.

Integrate with our translation management system to:

a) Replicate assets (terms and product texts) for use in translation projects

b) Integrate translation via auto-generated translation projects

Semantix Language HUB

Streamline your translation activities from one simple interface with Semantix Language HUB. Our cloud-based solution also lets you keep control of your terminology, so you can be sure you’re sending out a consistent message to the wider world. Semantix Language HUB gives you control, anywhere… anytime.


Semantix Language HUB Standard Edition is ideal for companies who wish to streamline their translation flow. There are no setup or monthly fees, and by choosing the right service, you can reduce costs, shorten delivery times and get your brand out there more quickly.

  • No start-up or monthly fees
  • Up to 5 users
  • Access to 1-Hour Express
  • Reporting tool
  • 1 month free trial of Secure MT



Semantix Language HUB Professional Edition is ideal for companies who wish to expand their Language HUB experience with a collection of useful add-ons that will help you keep brand consistency and ensure secure and near- instantaneous translation of confidential information.

Includes all services in standard version, plus:

  • Unlimited users
  • Free use of Memory Search and Term Base add-ons
  • 5-user license for Semantix Secure MT add-on (additional monthly fee for additional licenses)


Semantix Language HUB Enterprise Edition is ideal for companies who wish to take full advantage of the Language HUB's scalability and customise the HUB to fit your needs and requirements.

Includes access to all services available in the standard and professional versions, plus:

  • Free use of Memory Search and Term Base add-ons
  • 10-user license for Semantix Secure MT add-on (additional monthly fee for additional licenses)
  • API integration (additional monthly fee)


Managed Services

Managed Services

Includes, but not limited to:

  • Onboarding/training of users in licensed software
  • Requirements gathering and solution planning
  • Configuration of licensed software
  • Supporting client development and testing of custom integration


Professional Services

Our team of in-house experts and strategic partners are on hand if you need help with integration work, for example when you need a custom connector to your existing systems, but do not have your own development resources.

Professional Services

 Localisation Consulting

Localisation Consulting

Let us help you increase the ROI of your localisation processes.

Typical examples include:

  • Technical transformations. Moving from documents to digital platforms
  • ERP integration
  • (De)centralisation of localisation service providers


File Processing

When you request a translation from Semantix, we typically prepare files for translation at no extra charge. There are times, though, when we need to spend extra time getting your content ready for translation. These include

  • files containing text that should not be translated, text embedded in non-editable images, etc.;
  • PDF extraction;
  • new xml formats or customer-specific tags; and
  • development of custom scripts.


File Processing

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