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Add-on: Term Base

Keep total control of your organisation’s terminology.

Discover the advantages of Term Base

  • Improved consistency
    Search for and reuse your organisation’s established terms for a consistent message.

  • Intuitive and convenient
    Our simple to use add-on means that you’ll be managing your terms like a pro, and if you do need help, our customer support is always on hand.

  • Total access
    Our cloud-based solution means that your employees can manage your organisation’s terms from anywhere, anytime.

Powerful collaboration

Give your international offices the power to manage their own terms. By decentralising the management of your organisation’s terminology, Semantix Term Base simplifies the whole terminology management process and lets your entire organisation play an active role.

Just a click away

Our Term Base add-on is integrated directly into the Semantix Language HUB toolbar for quick and easy access to your organisation’s terminology.

A scalable solution

Adding languages to your existing term base is simple and ensures consistent communication in your new markets from day one.

Decentralised management

Your international offices can maintain their own terms for maximum efficiency.

The power of Memory Search and Term Base


Unleash the full potential of Semantix Term Base with our Memory Search add-on. By combining strong translation memory and terminology management, your organisation has access to the full spectrum of your linguistic data to ensure the highest level of consistency across your entire brand.

Find out more about the Semantix Memory Search add-on

Image is important

Semantix Term Base lets you easily attach images to your terms. A visual cue ensures that your employees have the right term and gives our translators the context they need to translate your terms accurately.

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