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Add-on: Secure Machine Translation

Quickly and easily translate your content using our machine translation tool that meets the strictest security standards.

Hold on while we translate your file!


Semantix Secure Machine Translation is great when you have a tight deadline and need a translation fast.

Our Secure MT add-on is the ideal solution when you just need to understand the essence of a text, for example when you’ve just received an email from one of your international offices, customers or business partners.

Get your presentation translated on time

Using machine translation means that you can quickly translate any type of content when understanding the general meaning is enough, whether it’s a presentation or other confidential information for your internal colleagues or your online, customer-facing content such as web pages, forums and message boards. Semantix Secure MT can also use your existing translation memories to maximise the accuracy of your automated translations.

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Say goodbye to copy and paste

Regardless of how much content you need to translate, the Semantix Secure MT add-on handles whatever you can throw at it. From a single sentence to entire manuals, Secure MT retains the formatting of the original text, which means no more tedious copying and pasting.

Seamless integration

Our stand-alone Secure MT portal is now seamlessly integrated into the Semantix Language HUB toolbar. The add-on is completely intuitive and lets you manage your secure machine translation processes quickly and effortlessly.

Simply choose your source language and the languages you need. Then either type or copy & paste the text straight into the HUB interface or upload an entire document.

Why secure machine translation matters


  • Keeping up with today’s evolving data security requirements means that protecting your and your customers’ confidential information is more important than ever before. With our ISO 27001-certified Secure MT add-on, you can rest assured that your machine translation processes are fully compliant.

  • With the ever-increasing volume of information being generated by your international offices, customers and business partners , machine translation helps you keep up in your own language – and with our Secure MT add-on – lets you do it securely.