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Discover the advantages of API


  • Powerful integration

    Our API, known as an Application Programming Interface, provides a set of programming tools that let you link your CMS or PIM system directly with Semantix Language HUB.

  • Improved time to market

    Reach your international markets faster with a simple, streamlined workflow that you control entirely using your customised API.

  • Secure transmission

    Our API features industry-standard https connection to ensure that your data is kept safe from prying eyes. Your password is encrypted with using bcrypt hashing function .



Streamline your translation process

Having an effective translation workflow is key to getting your content translated quickly and efficiently. Enabling that workflow using our powerful and user-friendly API means that you can create a solution that works best for your organisation.


Update multilingual content quickly and simply

Select the content you want to be translated and send your order directly to our translation portal via the API.

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We’re ready to help

As well as providing comprehensive documentation for our API, you can also communicate directly with our skilled team of API developers if you need help.

How easy is it?

The Semantix API service is the ideal solution if you want to customise your own translation API. Our API allows you to seamlessly scale translation management for any application you may have. Since our service is based on REST API, you can easily allow your employees to use your existing or create a new translation interface and connect it to our translation flow in the Language HUB – completely customisable!


Total translation management


A growing number of the scalability add-ons are available for Semantix Language HUB, our simple-to-use solution for keeping total control over your organisation’s translation activities.

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