Our basic requirements

Semantix's translators must provide translated and edited texts of a very high quality that are ready to use or publish. Very high quality means that the texts must be correct in terms of language, style and terminology and have a uniform use of expressions, terms, words and abbreviations.

Expertise requirements

Semantix's general requirements are:

  • Translation education qualifications, or
  • other higher education and at least two years of documented translation experience, or
  • at least five years of documented translation experience.

Additional beneficial expertise

Special expertise within one or more topic areas is beneficial, as well as membership of a translation organisation, such as SFÖ, ATA or ITI.

Technical expertise

We prioritise translators who have a command of the most common software packages and are accustomed to working with SDL Trados or a compatible translation tool. We also particularly value interest in new technology within translation, such as localisation directly through web interfaces.

Mother tongue

You translate to your mother tongue.

Formal requirements

Freelancers must ensure that they meet the applicable business/taxation regulations in the country where they work.

Semantix may check that the above requirements are met by obtaining information from the Swedish Tax Agency through form SKV 4820.

Semantix has strict secrecy requirements with regard to translations and as a freelance translator, you must ensure that no unauthorised personnel can access the information we send you. This means that you work with our projects on your own computer, and affirm that all documents are handled with confidentiality. We sign a confidentiality agreement that describes how we jointly handle this.

Personal characteristics

You are independent, exacting and have the ability to quickly familiarise yourself with various topics and situations. You express yourself clearly and make it easy to understand when you write in your mother tongue. Delivering on time is a given.