Our recruitment process for translators

When we recruit new translators, we follow an established process that ensures a high level of quality.


Expertise requirements – translators

When we need more or new translators in a language or a specific topic area, we do the following:

We begin by looking through our registrations of interest. If we do not find anything there, we may advertise and also actively look for suitable candidates. We then contact the candidates and check the requirement profile before we begin a round of tests. The candidate is asked to do a test translation of one or more texts, which we then review. Following this, we make an assessment of our overall impression and provide feedback and notice to the candidate.

If a translator is approved, we send a framework agreement and confidentiality agreement that the translator must read through and sign. Once all documents have been returned to us, we activate the translator in our database and inform our project managers that there is a new vendor that they can contact for relevant requests.

The recruitment process varies depending on languages and needs, but count on it taking from a week up to a month.