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How can Semantix help you manage the GDPR?

A great deal needs to be done before the GDPR comes into force. We can help you at short notice so that you can free up time to comply with all the other requirements of the GDPR. By entrusting a professional translation agency to take care of the translations, your translation projects will be more efficient.

To whom does the GDPR apply?

One of the most important changes brought about by the GDPR is that the European legislation is now more extensive in scope. The new regulations apply to all companies which process and collect data from EU residents, but certain sectors will be impacted more than others.

What needs to be translated?

Translation of your privacy policy is compulsory and it must be translated into the local language of all the countries in which you operate. If you are an international company, you should consider translating all material that will provide your customers with sufficient insight into your business in accordance with the GDPR.

The biggest GDPR consequences

Based on a survey of more than 3000 global consumers, 75% prefer to buy products in their native language. Information in the local language increase the understanding and adds higher trust. If you don’t formulate the new legal requirement in different languages, you risk a loss of some of the communication. The consequences can be serious, both internally and externally. 

What are the major risks?

  1. Fines up to EUR 20 million or 4% of the global turnover
  2. Bad reputation (any data breaches and evaluation thereof may permanently be registered online)
  3. Impaired customer loyalty and thus lower growth
  4. Mistrust and uncertainty among employees (which may lead to terminations)
  5. Loss of suppliers

You won’t get a second chance

The GDPR regulation must be handled professionally and carefully right from the beginning. That’s why it is important to prepare the right documents and thereafter choose a professional translation partner to ensure everything is translated correctly. By cooperating with the largest translation agency in the Nordic countries, you get access to a extensive network of professional translators for all sectors.

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